Our Mission

Systems thinking, Systems mapping for systems change
We found that people tend to react to the visible “events” when facing a problem. In this situation, the solution generated can merely mitigate the short-term difficulty. The core problem persists. This situation will not only waste resources but also lead to a vicious cycle.
To help the organization solve the issue, Omplexity leverages systems maps and facilitates communication among stakeholders.

Our Vision

“ We assist organizations in the escape from the deadlock they encounter. By leveraging the collective wisdom and power of today to achieve the goal of the future, constructing a world that does not fear changes. ”

Our Culture

Attentive Individual

Being attentive to each other is our secret recipe. The relationships of the team members are more close when true feelings are disclosed. For example, we encourage the team to share what made them happy the previous week during the weekly meeting.

Team Learning

Every team member can work independently. In the meantime, we interact with each other using appreciative Inquiry, building a learning organization. For example, we are glad to give and receive informative feedback on every output.


We expect every employee to embrace an entrepreneurship mindset and encourage them to adopt the trial-and-error approach. For example, every member has the opportunity to be in charge of a project and they can modify how the project goes.

Unconstrained Work Pattern

We do not have a bunch of SOPs. We believe that every employee  is equipped with a sense of mission. We enjoy how we work and accomplish what needs to be done. For example, the entire team works remotely and we do not need to clock in or clock out.

Personal Mastery

We encourage our members to keep learning and growing. The pursuit of becoming a better self is incorporated in our DNA. For example, we organize a monthly Learning Salon and encourage members to share what they are passionate about.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Diversity, equity, and inclusion at the workplace are not just slogans. They are instead incorporated into our daily workflows.