Cancer Free Economy

Challenge|The Economy Is Built on Toxic Chemicals

After the Industrial Revolution, the economy is built on toxic chemicals, which gave rise to cancers and other diseases.

What we eat, what we drink, and what we use should not be what makes us sick. However, the fact that the cases of cancers around the world are ever-increasing has unequivocally become a thorny challenge.

Vision|Toxic-free Economy & Environment

To quote Cancer Free Economy Network (CFE Network), “Within our generation, we will lift the burden of cancer and other diseases by driving a dramatic and equitable transition from toxic substances in our lives, our communities, and our economy to safe and healthy alternatives for all.”

Systemic Analysis|Examine the Economy, Found Potential Threats, and Design Possible Solution

Omplexity was invited to help CFE Network to create a systems map by drawing upon 37 stakeholder interviews and generating five stakeholder meetings. The maps were used to guide a dialogue where potential network members and stakeholders could better understand how each of the others saw the system and collaborate to seek out potential threats, analyze systems dynamics, and design possible solutions for the system.

Intervention|Civic Participation, Mindset Shifting, and Healthy Alternatives

CFE Network recognized the need to create an aspirational vision that focused on the world people truly desired. From systemic analysis, we found that toxic chemicals are the root cause of the problems that the network members were concerned about. Also, old mindsets must be changed. Therefore, it’s important to develop compelling messages and messengers: people with cancer, caregivers and loved ones, and even the doctors, nurses, and researchers that typically focused on treating cancer, instead of preventing it. In turn, the creation of a new market for healthy products made with healthy, green alternatives to toxic chemicals requires aligned action, built on a shared vision, from investors, governments, industry, and consumers.


It is Omplexity’s honor to collaborate with CFE Network. By analyzing the status quo of the economy and  depicting the challenges, we truly look forward to a toxic-free economy and environment.

Theory of Change

A theory of systems change map identifies the key growth dynamics -- the virtuous cycles -- that need to be cultivated in order that the system can make a paradigm shift beyond the status quo. These, as well as the balancing loops that may limit change, can point us to potential leverage points.

Cancer Free Economy Systems Map
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