Strategy Consulting

Identify problems
with systems thinking

Combining the comprehensive systems analysis mindset with the engagement of the core team, we unveil the root cause.

Facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogues

We organize stakeholder workshops, incorporate internal and external points of view, and encourage more people to be aware of the system, making the mental models clear.

Produce systems map

Omplexity produces the strategic systems map with the causal relationships and the loops.

Take solutions into practice

We focus on the leverage points and work on the interventions, achieving the systems change goal.

Social Impact

Future University

By holding systems thinking workshops and numerous interviews, Omplexity and NTU co-created the Future University Systems Map, depicting the challenges learners faced.

To reverse the vicious cycle so that it drives self actualization, NTU started to design programs, including Trans-disciplinary Bachelor Program and Design Your Course, increasing opportunities for self-exploration. By these programs, NTU hopes that students will be more certain of their learning direction, which transforms the previous vicious cycle into a brand-new positive reinforcing loop.

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WBCSD Transforming Urban Mobility

Omplexity was invited to create a systems map and facilitate workshops that brought together private, public, and third sector systems stakeholders of a given city.

Omplexity team surveyed a range of reports from sector initiatives and interviewed the world’s leading experts in electrification, mobility and health, informal sector integration, city mobility planning, and many more. All of these inputs were synthesized into the systems map, which was intended to highlight not only the most important elements in the system, but also identify key sources of dynamic feedback-- suggestions as to where there might be leverage in the system by stimulating communication among stakeholders.

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Cancer Free Economy

To quote Cancer Free Economy Network (CFE Network), “Within our generation, we will lift the burden of cancer and other diseases by driving a dramatic and equitable transition from toxic substances in our lives, our communities, and our economy to safe and healthy alternatives for all.”

Omplexity was invited to help CFE Network to create a systems map by drawing upon 37 stakeholder interviews and generating five stakeholder meetings. The maps were used to guide a dialogue where potential network members and stakeholders could better understand how each of the others saw the system and collaborate to seek out potential threats, analyze system dynamics, and design possible solutions for the system.

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