Face wicked challenges
Establish a foundation
for systems change

Imagine a leader constrained by the current situation, a manager expecting efficient cooperation among groups, or an advocator desiring a consensus among different interest groups.
By leveraging systems thinking, Omplexity can help build a systems map and realize systems change .

Why Systems Map?


Identify root cause

People tend to treat the symptoms of a problem. A systems map prevents this issue from happening by revealing the mental models of stakeholders.

Understand causal relationships

The causal relationships are clearly demonstrated on the map, showcasing how different variables are interconnected.

Facilitate multi-stakeholder communication

A problem usually involves several stakeholders and the map can work as an effective communication tool.

Omplexity 系統變革顧問團隊將帶領您以系統方法洞察問題,藉由系統圖及利害關係人工作坊,產出策略系統圖及干預方案,協助您制定策略、解決核心問題,有效進行變革管理,達成組織轉型的目標。

Strategy Consulting

We build a systems map for our clients. Optimize time engagement and realize the goal.

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Private Training

We provide customized systems thinking training. Empower the team and make the changes your want to see.

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Omplexity 系統變革顧問的組織培訓分為課程講授及實作練習兩大部分,團隊將帶領學員探討核心議題,以系統思考工具輔助,學習分析技巧、訪談演練與策略規劃,產出具有快速執行力的方案,實現組織轉型或組織變革的目標。
Past Clients
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Past Cases


WBCSD Transforming Urban Mobility

As the existing mobility paradigm approaches critical limits to growth, many parties, from automakers and logistics companies, to local and national governments have put effort in each of these areas that have produced promising contributions to the larger transformation effort, hoping to satisfy the demands of increased expectations for health, safety, and accessibility.

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Cancer Free Economy

After the Industrial Revolution, the economy is built on toxic chemicals, which gave rise to cancers and other diseases.

What we eat, what we drink, and what we use should not be what makes us sick. However, the fact that the cases of cancers around the world are ever-increasing has unequivocally become a thorny challenge.

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Future University

Motivation among university students in Taiwan is on the decline. Students wanting to explore curriculum beyond their departments run up against inflexible rules while those seeking to apply what they have learned outside the classroom find few opportunities to do so. Feeling stuck, more and more students are taking leaves of absence.

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