Joe Hsueh Ph.D


Joe earned a Ph.D. in Systems Dynamics from MIT. Following Peter Senge and John Sterman, Joe has spent his career developing the theory and practice of participatory systems mapping, expanding it into a tool that helps corporations, foundations, governments, and multinational NGOs to co-develop strategy for systems change.

Joe is also the co-founder of SIMFO with Vincent Shen, where he applies systems mapping in his work advising systems change conveners, catalysts, and innovators.

Joe has completed more than 60 systems mapping projects worldwide with clients and partners including the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), The World Economic Forum, Walton Family Foundation, and Nike.

Our Team

Darren Yeh, Managing Director

Darren Yeh

Managing Director

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Sabrina Hsieh


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Cid Huang, Consultant

Alvin Liu

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Louise Lu

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Andy Wang

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Jen Lin

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Yu-Hsuan Hsu

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